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About Us

We’re here to make bookkeeping as EASY as possible for you. To start, we think it's important that you know who we are.

Meet the owners of Logical Results We're excited to help you get the most out of your financial information.

Lisa - Managing Partner



Bookkeeper and Finance Assistant with many years experience both with small and large organisations (including a few charities). Before bookkeeping within my own company Logical Results LLP I have worked with the following companies in a finance and bookkeeping capacity:-

Workplacelive Ltd, October 2012- 2015

Horizon Computer Solutions Ltd, August 2009 - October 2012

Invesco UK Ltd, September 2001 - August 2008

Invesco Europe Ltd,  January 1999 - August 2001

Hill Samuel Asset Management Group, February 1995 - December 1998

Hill Samuel Investment Management Group April 1992 - January 1995

Hill Samuel Pensions Limited, September 1989 - March 1992


Paul - Managing Partner



Experienced Managing and Technical Director with many years experience within the IT industry. 

Knowledge of Business Management, Cloud Solutions, IT Support, Voip.

Having owned and run 3 IT Companies within the IT Support, Managed Service Provider and Software solutions arena, Paul has a wealth of knowledge to bring to Logical Results specialist  IT and MSP bookkeeping services..

Our Team

Experience is key


At Logical Result's its extremely important to us that our staff have significant experience and that we are able to dedicate a member of staff responsible for looking after each customers needs. This backed up with clearly defined business processes means our customers can remain supported by our entire team.

Our Values

Outstanding customer service



Outstanding customer service is one of the most important things that we aspire to achieve. To us, customer service means helping customers efficiently and in a friendly manner. This is only achieved with the right knowledgeable staff with a customer focused attitude, resulting in our ability to help customers make the best choices when driving their business forward. We acknowledge on occasions (as humans) that we do make mistakes but how we go about addressing them is key.

Accurate workmanship



We do our utmost to provide a quality service and to achieve this, our staff are seasoned professionals in their field. We will always assign a first point of contact to each customer.  However, with our structured business processes in place, if you need to be supported by another member of staff they can be up to speed quickly with all customer specific information available to them.

Sensible pricing



We regularly monitor our pricing to be sure we remain competitive. Experienced staff using the best tools comes at a price. Cutting corners on outsourced services such as ours will achieve poor results.​
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